Torrin Merrybrew

The gregarious Lord-Sheriff of Beck, always happy to hear tales that remind him of his youth as an adventurer.


Torin Merrybrew came to the town of—village at the time—Beck several decades ago while out on an adventure. The dwarf stopped by only for a day-or-so before setting out again; but when a troll’s axe left his leg crippled, he returned to take up a more permanent residence. Even opening an inn: the Modest Nymph. It was only a few years before he became the de-facto leader of the village.

A boisterous fellow, Torin loves few things more than a good story and a good beer. It is a love that turned his beloved inn into the hotspot for adventurers that it is today. His thick black hair is as dark as the day he arrived, though the beard below his bulbous nose has become salted with age.

Torrin Merrybrew

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